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"They helped me out when I thought everything was lost. Super friendly, professional, good people here, I can only recommend them. After Nicole took over my case everything was done and over with in record time without even having to go to court! No stress, just win-win. Thank you guys!"

M.H., 2017

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"Nicole Barrett is wise and makes sound recommendations!! She is able to explain issues frankly and in a clearly understandable fashion."

-D., 2022

"Great lawyer and staff! Family Law and Bankruptcy Law Professionals!"

-R.J., 2019

Nicole L. Barrett, J.D.
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"I hired Nicole to represent me in a very sensitive issue that needed to be handled quickly. I could not be more pleased with the services provided by Nicole and her husband, Tim. The office was very professional, as well as showing a genuine concern for my situation. They went above and beyond my expectations!"

-K., 2017

"I cannot say enough good things about this firm. They’re an amazing team!"

- C.V., 2020

"Excellent to work with! Could not be happier with how my case turned out and how professional and effective my legal team was. Also worth mentioning that unlike other experiences I've had with lawyers, Nicole and her team kept me in the loop and spent a lot of time just helping me understand everything instead of leaving me in the dark."

-C.F., 2017

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